An Invitation from Me to You

I have an invitation for you. Well… probably more like for a small handful of you – but an invitation, nonetheless.

If you’re part of that small handful, this’ll speak straight to your soul. You’re someone who…

* craves community and connection
* is allergic to the status quo
* wants to live more in sync with nature and the natural cycles of your life
* feels physically pained by the idea of living by someone else’s rules (not to mention building someone else’s dream instead of your own)
* could classify yourself as a “seeker” always hungry for more wisdom and knowledge
* gets jazzed about making a positive impact on people and the planet
* thinks about health holistically – as a mind/body/soul operation
* prefers plants over pharmacies
* is self-empowered, resourceful, and has the desire to develop your leadership skills in a collaborative environment
* wants to create time and location freedom through a beautiful residual income stream
* loves to live in the energy of play – lighthearted, creative, and curious

Are these words expanding something within you? Is your head nodding with recognition? Are you feeling pulled to find out more? Then, amazing! You happen to be part of the small handful that I’d love to extend this invitation to – one that’s very near-and-dear to my heart.

I have an opening in a key spot in my team of wellness advocates. We’re an international bunch – from all over the globe – who collaborate with a common goal in mind: to get top-quality natural medicine, in the form of essential oils, into every home (while uplifting communities in need across the globe as a result).

We jam on conscious business, personal empowerment, and creating lives that feel incredible instead of trying to stuff ourselves into old, worn out molds.

We know that mama nature has the answers, and we choose to tune in and listen to hear them. We partner with her in health, happiness, and business – and it feels effing incredible.

We want to shout it from the rooftops that everyone’s natural state is one of complete worthiness, balance, and wholeness – and we share tools that anyone can use to connect back into the remembrance of those truths.

We thrive on laughs, possibility, and living on our own terms – and we’re ready to welcome a new member to our family (potentially more than one if it feels aligned). Is your intuition whispering that this may be you? If so, let’s set up time to connect and chat more.

Drop me a line here and I’ll be in touch! ⚡️

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