August Freebies: Litsea + Manuka Touch


I just got these two babies in the mail (for the first time ever!) today, and to say it was love at first sniff would be an understatement. Whoa. I can already tell these are going to be two staples in my rotation.

Not only do they have incredibly diverse uses and benefits, they’re actually only sold in the Australian and New Zealand markets, so if you live outside of those countries, you can’t buy ’em! Well, the oil gods are smiling down on us this month (August 2018), because dōTERRA’s offering both of these for free with every order over 200 PV placed via the US warehouse.

I put together a couple “quickies” so you can get a feel for their background and common uses – both have been historically used by the indigenous people of AU and NZ, btw – so you know they’re legit. And scroll below that for details on how you can add them to your collection for free!

If you want to get these two exclusive oils into your hot little hands this month, it’s super simple – just follow the steps below:

  • Log into your dōTERRA wholesale account  (if you don’t have one yet, drop me a line here and I’ll help you out)
  • Place an order of 200+ PV in August 2018, and get these two oils free with your order Manuka Touch Litsea
  • Connect with me here if you have Q’s, or want to set up time for a complimentary 1:1 session



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