Body Oil: Cellulite + Varicose Veins Edition

Per a very scientific Instagram poll, it’s clear that peeps are excited about this DIY!

I know we’ve been conditioned to care about/use things for their cosmetic value (hence the reason I’m highlighting the cellulite and varicose vein reducing qualities of this body oil), but it’s important to also think beyond our outward appearance when it comes to the products we use. The majority of them are absorbed into our body, after all – and we have the ability to either help or harm our overall health every time we apply something.

The extra-rad thing about this body oil (and this goes for pretty much all of my DIY recipes) is that the holistic health benefits are HUGE. If you tune in, you’ll legit notice a shift in your mind, body, and spirit. Nature’s rad like that.

I just started making these in 8 oz pump bottles so I spend less time whipping up new batches (btw, I just refill the same bottle each time – it saves so much waste). In reality, it legit only takes 2 min to make up a bottle, but I’m always looking for new ways to streamline things. Feel free to adjust the recipe per the size container that you want to use!

Also, it’s important to note that I have what some may call “a shitload” of essential oils and carrier oils in my arsenal – I know this isn’t the case for most people. SO, if you’d like a sweet shortcut of a way to use less ingredients – just use one or two carrier oils (like: Jojoba, Fractionated Coconut, Sweet Almond Oil, Hazelnut, or Hemp Seed), and choose a smaller selection of essential oils (like: Cypress, Lemongrass, Geranium, and Roman Chamomile).

Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s inside the bottle:

  • 240 drops essential oils total (approx. 5 drops of essential oils per full-body application)
  • Around 5ml of carrier oil(s) per full-body application (approx. 48 full-body applications)

Alright, now onto the recipe!


  • 8 oz amber glass pump bottle
  • Essential oils:
    • 50 drops Cypress
    • 50 drops Lemongrass
    • 50 drops Geranium
    • 30 drops Roman Chamomile
    • 30 drops Juniper Berry
    • 20 drops Frankincense
    • 10 drops Peppermint
  • Carrier Oils:
    • Choose a primary carrier oil, feel free to choose more than one if you’d like (i.e. Jojoba, Fractionated Coconut, Sweet Almond Oil, Hazelnut, or Hemp Seed)
    • Chose additional carrier oils to use at a smaller ratio (i.e. Rosehip, Tamanu, or Sea Buckthorn)
    • Everyone’s skin is different, so it’s always a good idea to do a little trial-and-error patch testing to see how your skin likes each oil – my personal recipe is: 30% Jojoba, 30% Fractionated Coconut, 15% Rosehip, 10% Hemp Seed, 10% Tamanu, 5% Sea Buckthorn. Again, you definitely could make this with just one carrier oil instead of a blend like this (a fan fav is Jojoba)! And with these percentages, I really just eyeball them instead of doing exact measurements – just like how I cook.


  • Add essential oils to empty bottle
  • Layer carrier oils in bottle
  • Gently turn the bottle upside down a handful of times until the mixture looks well combines
  • Dry brush, shower/bathe, towel off, and massage this little slice o’ heaven into your bod with love and gratitude


Before I go, here’s a snapshot of some of the most-popular therapeutic benefits of these essential oils to give you a more holistic view of the wellness-supporting properties:

  • Cypress: Supports localized blood flow, tones skin, soothes tight, tense muscles, beneficial for oily skin conditions, promotes healthy respiratory function
  • Lemongrass: Purifies + tones skin, supports healthy lymphatic system function, soothes aching muscles + joints, soothes inflammation, supports healthy digestion, heightens awareness + promotes a positive outlook
  • Geranium: Promotes clear, healthy skin, supports liver health, helps calm nerves + lessen stress
  • Roman Chamomile: Has a therapeutic, calming effect on the skin, mind + body, supports balance in all systems of the body, supports healthy immune system function
  • Juniper Berry: Supports skin health + problematic areas, natural cleansing + detoxifying agent, supports healthy kidney + urinary function
  • Frankincense: Promotes cellular health, supports healthy blood flow, reduces the appearance of blemishes + rejuvenates skin, helps build + maintain a healthy immune system, soothes inflammation, promotes feelings of peace, relaxation, satisfaction + overall wellness
  • Peppermint: Supports healthy blood flow, alleviates occasional upset stomach, promotes healthy respiratory function + clear breathing, supports oral health


If you have any Q’s re: essential oils, drop me a line here to connect. ❤


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