Changing the Game with Conscious Business

If you follow me anywhere in social media-land you may have seen that I was dōTERRA’s global convention a couple of weeks ago.  It was freakin’ incredible – seriously beyond inspiring – and I’ve spent some time since I’ve been home really feeling like I need to evolve and solidify the bigger vision of my work, my purpose, and my “why” for doing what I do (which is equal parts exciting and intimidating, let’s be honest).

For a little background to the newbies that have joined the Karmic tribe recently (welcome, babes!), I’ve built an arm of my business centered around educating others about the benefits of essential oils – because I truly believe they’re something that should be in every single home.

The icing on the cake is that not only do I get the opportunity to introduce people to completely non-toxic, insanely effective ways to improve their physical and emotional health (ahhh – just typing that makes me SO HAPPY) – but I also get the opportunity to work alongside a team of incredible game-changers as we flip conventional perceptions of leadership and business on their head.

These aforementioned game-changers include everyone in the dōTERRA family – from the gorgeous Wellness Advocates on my team, to the dōTERRA corporate team, to the growers and distillers of these beautiful oils, to the people who simply enhance their daily lives by using these oils and products.

And even though I’ve been having a tough time explaining this to people in a way that encompasses my full LOVE for this company and their mission – imma try real hard for ya right now – because this way of doing business is incredibly needed in the world today.

You see, the reason I love the dōTERRA fam so much is because the focus is on heart and science at every level, and – here’s what really dawned on me at convention – giving people tools to uncover the possibilities available to them to live a heart-centered, healthy, abundant life. 

How many companies are you aware of that base everything they do on being of service to the global community?  Imagine if everyone did business like this?  We’d live in an entirely different world.

I’ll quickly break these down for each area of the dōTERRA family so you see what I mean:

Growers + Distillers:

This is where the magic all begins, at the source of the incredible, loved-up plants that these oils come from.  dōTERRA’s crops are grown in 40 countries globally, 26 of which are third world countries. At first this sounds like a wacky, inefficient strategy – but it’s got deep roots in both heart and science.

Science reasoning: they want to provide the world’s most pure and potent essential oils – and the only way to make that happen is to grow plants sustainably in their indigenous environment.  This ensures that all of the environmental factors are perfect to create the most powerful essential oil chemistry possible, and thus the most effective products for their customers.

Heart reasoning: they want to positively affect as many lives across the globe as possible by ensuring growers and distillers in developing countries get paid a consistent, fair wage for doing the work they know and love – all while helping to create much-needed infrastructure and hope for their communities (they call this “Co-Impact Sourcing”).

Not only do they seek out the optimal climate for specific oils and develop partnerships with growers and distillers in those regions, they actively look for communities that need uplifting, create relationships with them, and then find new plants that locals can grow and distill into essential oils – creating jobs and opportunities for them that they didn’t have the tools to access on their own.  My heart (and tear ducts) exploded when I learned that at convention – this is truly what conscious business is all about.

Product Users:

These are the people who have simply welcomed dōTERRA’s oils and products into their lives, and by doing so they have easy access to powerful methods of detoxifying their homes and bodies, and boosting their overall physical and emotional health.

By maintaining an incredibly high standard for essential oil purity and potency, dōTERRA provides product users with super powerful tools to enhance their lives.  I can’t count the amount of people who I’ve introduced to oils that now can’t imagine their lives without them.  The options for ways to use them are endless, and they give us access to empowering alternatives for taking care of ourselves – all the while supporting the health and happiness of people across the globe through dōTERRA’s Co-Impact Sourcing efforts.

Wellness Advocates:

Oh man, where do I even start with this one?  For one – everything I just mentioned above about Product Users applies here as well, because most Wellness Advocates start off as just that – Product Users – and as soon as they experience the power of these essential oils firsthand they know that it would be a crime to not share them with their community.

And once they learn about the biz opportunity that’s available to all dōTERRA product users, it’s like a light bulb goes off.  They can support the health and happiness of others by sharing these oils with their community (something they’d be doing anyway), join and build a team of amazing, like-minded humans to partner with throughout their journey, and create real, lasting freedom and abundance for themselves and their team (because the compensation plan is insanely generous).

The thing is, anyone can become a Wellness Advocate and create their own dōTERRA business if they want – all it takes is a commitment to serve others, and a willingness to move through your limiting beliefs and upper limits.  dōTERRA provides the unparalleled products (from sourcing to shipment), business-building tools, a collaborative, uplifting company culture, incredible compensation plan, and so much more.  So really, they’re providing tools that anyone can use to create the purposeful, abundant, free life they’ve been dreaming of.

Corporate Team:

Being named by Forbes as #10 in mid-sized employers on their “America’s Best Employers” list speaks for itself, and hearing what CEO David Stirling had to say about it speaks even more to their heart-centered company values, “dōTERRA is more than a growing company of Wellness Advocates and employees. We are a family. We appreciate this recognition from Forbes as it is a reflection of the environment we work to cultivate in every aspect of the business. This selection, based on our employees feeling inspired, secure, understood, and needed, is aligned with our values companywide.”

Family, inspired, secure, understood, and needed – those are truly how they make individuals at every layer of the company feel, and when people have those needs met and feel fully supported – they’re able to do incredible things.  You should have seen the beautiful team of founders as they each took the stage at convention – I was in absolute awe at their authenticity, vulnerability (they shed so many tears), and integrity.  What they’ve created together is beyond inspiring.

dōTERRA adopted this (often misunderstood) business model – network marketing – because these products can’t be summed up in a 30 second commercial spot.  They’re an experience.  And also because network marketing allows them to positively impact the maximum amount of people across the globe by giving them tools to uncover the limitless possibilities available in their lives.  From the Growers + Distillers, to Product Users, to Wellness Advocates, to the dōTERRA corporate team – they’re empowering people to step into their power, their light – and live their best lives possible as a result.

Plants + people + purpose = endless possibilities.

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