Day of Wellness – Boston

Babes, picture this:

A Saturday spent with your soul sisters, sippin’ on somethin’ green, noshin’ on organic snacks, talkin’/learnin’ all things wellness, and meeting new incredible members of your tribe.  Dream day, amiright?

Enter ‘Day Of Wellness – Boston’, the answer to your health-loving prayers. It’s going to be epic.  Mark your calendars for March 18th.

This legit magical day was created by the gorgeous @gianne (of The W.E.L.L. Summit + Organic Bath Co.) and this is her mish: to look at wellness from a 360-degree viewpoint – from what we put ON our bodies to what we put IN our bodies to how we feed our minds and spirits.

Each breakout session & panel is designed to give you accessible & actionable steps to take back to your life. We all want to live our healthiest, best life and Day of Wellness will set the foundation.

P.S. I’ll be hosting a breakout session on how to simplify and detoxify your self-care game with essential oils.  We’ll learn, we’ll laugh, and we’ll get so oily.  I’d LOVE to see you there and give you a squeeze!

Hop on over to the link below and grab your tix before they sell out!

Grab your tix HERE! ✨

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