Do Your Future Self a Favor

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There is this strange cultural phenomenon that makes us feel great about doing favors for other people, but guilty about doing favors for ourselves.

I know so many people who say they don’t have time to take care of themselves or take small steps that will set them up for success down the road, but don’t think twice about dropping everything to do something for someone else.

I am by no means hinting that we shouldn’t be doing things for others – we absolutely should.  Generosity and acts of love are what make the world go ’round.  What I’m getting at here is that we should place equal importance on being generous and loving to ourselves.

You know that amazing feeling that you get when you realize that “past you” did something kind for “future you” that makes your life that much easier/better in that moment?   You’re all like, “PAST ME RULES!” and marvel at how lucky you are that you had your own back.

Like preparing your breakfast for the next morning while you’re in the kitchen making dinner the night before. You know that you don’t prioritize breakfast when you’re rushing out the door in the morning, but you also know that you feel so much better when you eat something nourishing before you start work – so while you’re in the kitchen cooking dinner you whip up some breakfast for the next day that you can grab and go if you don’t give yourself enough time to sit down and eat at home.

That’s what doing your future self a favor is all about.

It’s not about living in the future, it’s actually about living right here, right now.  It’s getting in the habit of thinking, “What choice can I make right now that’s going to benefit me in the future?”  It actually allows you to enjoy the present moment more fully by making choices with purpose.

These small acts of self love don’t need to take a ton of time out of your day, though you shouldn’t feel bad about it for a second if they do.  Ain’t no shame in the self-love game!

Pretty much every choice you make has the ability to set “future you” up for success.  Below are some examples of how I do my future self favors on a regular basis:

  • Go grocery shopping on Sunday morning to get everything I need for the week
  • Plan out meals for each day, and cook everything the can be prepared ahead of time on Sunday (most of the time I cook enough for two meals, so I can freeze the rest for another day – double favor!)
  • Put my supplements in one of those days-of-the-week pill boxes so I don’t need to waste time in the morning getting each of them out of their individual bottles
  • Pack my yoga bag the night before and leave it by the door so I can easily grab it on my way out
  • Make a point to appreciate others in real time so I don’t let it slip my mind later (when you’re grateful for something about someone else, let them know – spread the love!)
  • Eat mindfully, considering how what I’m about to eat is going to affect my body, and how I’m going to feel after I eat it (not just how it will taste in the moment)
  • Create constant awareness around my limiting beliefs and negative self talk so that I’m better equipped to identify and squash them as they arise
  • Prioritize my morning routine (meditation, warm lemon water, dry brushing)

Depending on who you are and what your days are comprised of, your favors may be very different than mine.  There are no right or wrong favors, as long as you ensure that each choice you make is truly serving you.

As you get into the habit of doing your future self favors you will absolutely end up frequently patting yourself on the back for being such an awesome friend to YOU.

These are the types of things that only we can do for ourselves, so waiting around for someone else to take care of you is a colossal waste of time (and SO disempowering).   And when you feel like you’re being taken care of, you’ll have so much more energy and focus to help out the peeps who need you most.

So, here’s your mission if you choose to accept it: hop on over to Instagram to join me in a little Favor of the Week parade.  Each week I’ll be posting a favor I’m doing my future self with the hashtag #favoroftheweek – and I would love it so freakin’ much if you’d show me how you’re treating yo’self, too.

Let’s start a self-love insta-lution (instagram + revolution, duh)!

ALSO, If you haven’t already – hop on over to download my FREE eBook, where I break down what I feel should be the first five favors on just about anyone’s path to health and happiness.

See you on the ‘gram, flamingos!




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