Essential Oils

Already know about essential oils, and want to skip ahead to get your paws on some now? Right this way.


Have you ever peeled an orange and smelled that insanely fresh, intoxicating aroma that bursts from its skin? If so, you’ve experienced essential oils.

Essential oils are the natural aromatic compounds found in plants. They’re tiny organic molecules that are dedicated to keeping the plant healthy, helping it heal from infection + physical injury, warding off predators, and attracting pollinators for reproductive purposes.

They’re basically the superheroes of the plant world.

They’re 50-70 times more powerful than dried herbs, to boot (i.e. 1 drop of peppermint essential oil = 28 cups of peppermint tea).

And they’ve been used by humans for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits for centuries.


Personally, I use essential oils in place of store-bought products whenever possible. I’ve replaced the majority of my medicine cabinet along with tons of household + personal care products with these little bottles of plant magic. I’m on a mission to kick toxins to the curb.

Friends and family are constantly hearing me say, “There’s an oil for that!” when they mention pretty much anything they’re trying to improve – because, really – there is.

What do I use oils for? Here’s a little glimpse behind the scenes into some of the oils I keep in my regular rotation:

  • Lemon helps detox my body + home, plus boosts my mood.
  • Peppermint eases headaches, promotes clear breathing + supports digestion.
  • Grapefruit revs up my metabolism + reduces cellulite.
  • Melaleuca fights blemishes + skin inflammation like eczema.
  • Lavender promotes feelings of calm + soothes skin irritations.
  • Vetiver helps me get deep, restful sleep.
  • Frankincense boosts my immune system, decreases signs of aging + promotes relaxation.

I could go on and on (and on) about my love for these oils, and don’t even get me started on the blends! I get centered and reduce anxiety with a grounding blend, kick my immune system into high gear with a protective blend, soothe indigestion/heartburn with a digestive blend, and elevate my mood + energy levels with an invigorating blend.

Ahhh, they’re just. so. good.


There are three ways of using pure therapeutic grade essential oils:

  • Aromatically:

    Essential oils, when diffused, can be very stimulating, while others can be calming and soothing. Diffusing essential oils can also cleanse and purify the air.

  • Topically:

    Essential oils are easily absorbed by the skin and many can be safely applied topically when used in conjunction with a carrier oil, such as Fractionated Coconut Oil.

  • Internally:

    Certain essential oils have a rich culinary history and can be used as dietary supplements supporting a variety of healthy conditions.

Whether I’m applying them to my skin, breathing them in from my diffuser, hands, or even straight from the bottle, or sipping them in my water (this can only be done with pure therapeutic grade oils), essential oils are the #1 health-supporting staple in my daily life.


The key factors to focus on when selecting essential oils are purity, potency, and sourcing methods.

  • Purity:

    You want to make sure there’s no funny business going on in your bottle of oil. That means absolutely no fillers, pesticides, herbicides, or other contaminants. We’re focused on eliminating toxins from your body and environment – not adding more! Ensuring the oils you’re using are put through rigorous 3rd party testing to verify that they’re pure therapeutic grade is absolutely essential (pardon the pun).

  • Potency:

    In order for an essential oil to be as powerful and effective as possible, each plant has to be grown in its indigenous region, in a optimal climate, and be harvested at its peak of potency (for reference, the oils that I work with are 50-70 times more powerful than dried herbs). You also want to ensure that your oils are grown sustainably to ensure there’s no unnecessary harm being done to the environment.

  • Sourcing Method:

    Focusing on the welfare of the farmers and artisans who are providing the raw materials for essential oil production is super important. These people live all over the globe, many of the in developing countries, and the brand of essential oils that I personally use puts them first – creating infrastructure for their communities, and providing a reliable, fair wage so they can continue to do the work they love while harvesting the most pure, potent plants possible.

At the end of the day, you need to be choosy with everything you’re putting into your body (you only get one) – and unfortunately, the bottles of essential oils lining the shelves of your local health food store don’t live up to these high standards of quality.


The smartest way to buy essential oils is to open a wholesale account so you can ensure you’re always getting the lowest pricing available (25% off retail price). I always recommend opening a wholesale account to everyone, because it gives you access to a huge discount with no strings attached whatsoever.

With a wholesale account you also have access to an optional, but insanely generous Loyalty Rewards Program (free product, for the win!) – and you have the opportunity to make commission for sharing the oils with friends, if that’s something you’re into.

You’ll also have access to me every step of the way to support and guide you (along with the outrageously amazing tribe of essential oil lovers that I’m part of).

If you came here with on a mission to sign up for a wholesale account and you already know which enrollment kit you have your eyes on, jump over here and fill out the quick form so I can get you hooked up with everything you need.

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The Home Essentials Kit is the most popular kit for sure, it comes with 10 bottles of the most-used oils + oil blends, PLUS a kick-ass diffuser.

If you order an enrollment kit when you create your wholesale account, you get an even bigger discount than you would if you bought the oils + diffuser a la carte – and you also get to waive the $35 enrollment fee.

For example, the Home Essentials kit at enrollment costs $275, but if you were to purchase each of the oils + diffuser instead of buying the kit, you’d end up paying a total of $361 at wholesale pricing ($326 for product and $35 for the enrollment fee).

This is why enrollment kits are total no-brainers.

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There’s a kit for that! These larger kits are especially great for people who want to sell the oils in their retail location, use them with clients, and peeps who want to get a running start at building their own essential oil biz (and toxin-free living enthusiasts, of course). Plus, there are bigger discounts and extra bonuses when signing up with the larger kits.

With the Natural Solutions Kit you save $98 on wholesale pricing, get 100 free product credits to use towards future purchases, and automatically start receiving 15% of each Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) order back in free product credits.

With the Every Oil Kit you save $285 on wholesale pricing, get 200 free product credits to use towards future purchases, and automatically start receiving 20% of each LRP order back in free product credits.

With the Diamond Kit you save $804 on wholesale pricing, get 400 free product credits to use towards future purchases, and automatically start receiving 25% of each LRP order back in free product credits.


Totally doable! You’ll just miss out on the enrollment kit extra discount, and will pay a $35 enrollment fee. The enrollment fee gets you access to wholesale pricing (25% off), just like a Costco membership. This is still a way better value than paying retail.

If you’d rather go the DIY route, here’s the full product guide so you can take a peek through all of the rad stuff you can choose from.

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