Aren’t you looking radiant today. I am beyond psyched to be here, and even more psyched to have your company. Starting a blog is something that had been high atop my list of things to do for what seems like ages now – and it’s finally happening.

I’m constantly on the hunt to expand my knowledge in the health and wellness sphere – specifically from a holistic perspective – and creating a hub of these learnings, thoughts, challenges, how-to’s, and so on is such an exciting adventure for me. My aim is to create an inviting little corner of the interwebs that you come back to time and time again – whether it be for tasty, nourishing recipes, quick tips + tricks to increase your personal health and happiness, inspiration from real-life situations, to be part of a like-minded community, or even just a good laugh.

So, welcome! Take off your shoes, pull up a seat, and let’s get to know each other. I hope that each time you leave this site you feel a little more hopeful, a little more motivated, a little more understood, and a little more balanced. We’re all in this thing together – and I’d love to stay connected. Feel free to drop me a line here, or leave your thoughts in the comments whenever the mood strikes.

Booyah. Let’s do this!

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