Local Workshop: Essential Oils 101

Happy holidays, flamingos!

I hope you’re having an incredible week.  For my local peeps (and by local, I mean New England), the gorgeous Heather Waxman and I are hosting a local wellness workshop next Wednesday, and we’d love to meet you in person!

If you’ve been curious about essential oils, (i.e. what they are, how they work, how to select them, how to use them) we’ll teach you all about them – and as a *bonus* we’ll talk you through some really simple, self-care-promoting DIYs that you can use at home, and even gift to people for the holidays.  Homemade non-toxic candles, bath salts, and beard oils, oh my!

Plus, we love a good time – so there will be plenty of laughs! Holiday cheer for days.

Details: Wed 12/14, 6:30pm, Back Bay (CLICK HERE to save your spot – space is super limited!)



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