Manifest Your Goals with Aromatic Anchors

Let’s talk about a super simple way to turbocharge the manifestation of your intentions and goals. Because who wouldn’t want to do that?! Plus, I’ve been hearing from a bunch of different people lately that they’re feeling the anxiety and overwhelm of transitioning from summer from fall and feeling the need to refocus and get a sense of normalcy back to their lives.

This tends to be a hot topic whenever we’re on the brink of transitioning to a new season – we start thinking about what the next few months are asking for us, what they have in store, and how we make the absolute most out of them (while still feeling grounded and on purpose).

If you already have an intention-setting and goal-manifesting practice in place, I’ll share how you can amp up its effectiveness with an amazing little tool called aromatic anchoring. If you don’t have a practice in place yet, not to fear!  You can craft purposeful intentions and goals and start living in alignment with them now.

When it comes to living a truly fulfilling life, it’s really all about figuring out how you can use your unique gifts and talents to benefit the lives of others (and yourself, of course) – and then finding ways to do those things consistently.

We all decided to incarnate right here, right now for a specific reason – and designing a life based on the things that light us up ensures we’re following our soul purpose and living in alignment with that.  Living intentionally = ultimate freedom, joy + fulfillment.

The things that light you up aren’t random, they’re your calling. So let’s follow ’em, babes!

The first step would be to craft a list of purposeful goals that make you so excited you can hardly stand it. And once you have that, it’s time to start scripting! Essentially what this means is taking some time to sit down and write out what it feels like to manifest your goals – as if they’ve already happened.

How does achieving them feel, what does it look like, how does it smell (we’ll talk about this piece more in a sec). Use positive, present-tense, expansive words to energetically align yourself with your goals. And remember, everything we manifest is in co-creation with the Universe (or whatever you prefer to call it), so it’s awesome to acknowledge that you have an uber-powerful partner in crime in all of this. #squadgoals

By the way, writing your script should be the most FUN process EVER. It’s essentially sitting down to author your dream life. You can design absolutely any way you want, in the way that feels most joyful to you. I mean, what could possibly be better?!

Okay, so now that you have your script, it’s time to create your aromatic anchor(s) – and by that I mean, a single essential oil, or a blend of multiple essential oils that you’ll link to your specific goals to.  Why would you want to do this, you may be wondering? Because smell has the ability to trigger powerful emotional memories, and you’ve just created some powerful (and purposeful) future emotional memories in your script, so smelling your aromatic anchor while reading your script and feeling the manifestation of your goals will essentially add rocket fuel to your co-creation practice.

When choosing your aromatic anchor oil(s), you can either:

  1. Choose them intuitively based on which oils/scents speak to you (your intuition always knows)
  2. Learn about the energetic and emotional properties of the oils and choose based on how you want to feel (I personally love the book Emotions & Essential Oils for this)

Either way, make sure your aromatic anchor resonates with you, because you’ll be smelling it a lot!  I love to make up a roller bottle for ease of application and use – I’ll pop about 30 – 40 drops of oils total to an amber glass 10 ml roller bottle, top off the rest with fractionated coconut oil, and I’m good to go. Super simple.

In addition to leveraging the power of scent, you’ll also want to leverage the power of visualization, because it allows you to program your subconscious to achieve your goals. It sounds crazy, but your subconscious mind isn’t able to differentiate between a vivid visualization and what’s currently happening – and we can use this little quirk to our advantage in a big way.

When you’re visualizing your script (or anything else, really) you’re activating the creative powers of your subconscious, and without getting too science-y, this stimulates your Reticular Activating System, which allows your brain to notice things that have always been present but it hadn’t noticed before (because it didn’t have a reason to) – which, in turn, helps you notice and attract the things you need to manifest your goals.

Visualization also allows you to get fully into energetic alignment with your manifested goals, which draws them to you on a quantum level (if you want to learn more about this, I can’t recommend reading “Ask and It Is Given” by Esther + Jerry Hicks enough).

Now that you’ve got your aromatic anchor and script ready to go, you’ll want to carve out time each day (seriously, put it in your calendar or pair it with another daily ritual like meditating) to put them to use.

I personally love to meditate in the morning before reading my script to ensure I’m starting from a clean slate and setting an intentional tone for my day. Once I’m done meditating, I’ll apply my aromatic anchor to my wrists, rub them together, and take about 5 deep inhales with my eyes closed, then I’ll read and vividly visualize my script. And while I read it, I make sure that I’m also emotionally feeling each part of it, i.e. I inevitably end up feeling incredible with a huge smile on my face (that’s how I know I’m energetic alignment with it).

So, there it is, gorgeous! A simple formula for hacking your brain, leveraging the power of scent, and utilizing the Law of Attraction to manifest your dream life. I honestly can’t wait to hear about the magic you create using these tools – definitely keep me posted on how your practice progresses, and reach out to connect if there’s any way I can be of support to you.

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