Medis + Metaphors

You know those moments when life kinda just throws a really simple but powerful metaphor at ya out of the blue? Well, it happened for me yesterday and I thought I’d share because it feels applicable to so many different situations.

Instead of doing my morning medi at home, I just bolted straight out my front door and went to the beach.  I was a little stir-crazy and craving fresh, salty air and some mama nature vibes.

It was a chilly, gray morning (the outdoors definitely did not look inviting) and when I got down to the beach it looked like a storm was brewing.  The waves were spitting sea spray all over the place and creating bump after bump of white, frothy foam.  Still gorgeous, just not your typical “beach day”.

In my head I was all, guuuurl it doesn’t look fun out there, maybe just stay warm and do your medi in the car with your butt-warmer on – but what would be the point of that?  I came here to get some stillness while soaking in the salty air.  So I hopped out of my car and plopped down on a giant rock overlooking the beach.

The rock was cold and I could feel the lower half of my body getting chillier and chillier (yoga pants don’t exactly = warmth), but the fresh air was nice, and the sound of the waves was perfection, and I started my medi (hoping a flash flood didn’t roll through as the clouds looked like they were threatening).

When I was done I was smiling, feeling completely refreshed and I looked up – shocked to see big patches of bright blue sky being revealed as the giant blanket of ominous, gray clouds rushed away.  The ocean went from a dull, deep blue-gray to a rich turquoise-green – and the warmth from the sun soaked into my back.

And then I looked to my left and watched as a glimpse of a rainbow started to appear (can you see it faintly in the photo above?) – it was like mama nature gave me a little prize for honoring what soul was asking for and sticking it out in less-than-ideal weather.

So, long story short – the metaphor here is this: the circumstances may not always be ideal, and you may have a whole pile of legit-sounding excuses, but when you take the time to honor what you need on a mental / physical / spiritual level – there will always be unexpected light, and clarity, and hey, maybe even rainbows at the end.  No matter how subtle.

Every time you honor that call from within – you’ll reap the rewards.

It’s all about staying open and mindful enough to notice them.

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