Metabolism-Boosting Essential Oils

Spring has officially sprung, and as per usual, that means I’ve been getting lots of metabolism-boosting, body-detoxifying questions from peeps.  It’s that time of year, you know?  We spring clean our homes to lighten our load and usher in the new season vibes, and it’s only natural that we want to do the same with our bods.

I was on a spring cleaning ROLL last weekend, getting rid of piles and piles of stuff that we don’t need so we could donate it – and I even got so ruthless that I got rid of a couple of things I’m cringing about now (like the little dress and robe I wore getting ready on our wedding day – ouch. But when was I going to wear that again, right?!) .

Anyway, I digress – but it’s just such a good feeling to emerge from winter hibernation and free ourselves from the excess crap that’s weighing us down – whether that be in our mind, body, or physical space.

On that note, today we’re going to dive into lightening the load on our bods in a super simple, but super effective way: incorporating metabolism-boosting essential oils into our daily routine.

And I know we talk about metabolism a lot as a society, but I get the inkling that many people don’t know what it really means. So, as a quick side note – our metabolism is essentially the chemical processes that happen in our body to keep us alive.  It’s super complex, so let’s just keep it top-level for our purposes today – what we’re focusing on is optimizing the way our body produces energy, repairs itself, and deals with fat + toxins.

Our bodies need specific nutrients to keep us alive (which it primarily finds in foods), and all of our bodily systems are influenced by our metabolism in some respect.  So, not only does a supercharged metabolism contribute to having a strong, lean body (which is what most people associate it with), it’s also intimately linked to endocrine health, digestive health, energy levels, brain function, immune function, reproductive health, and so on.

A healthy metabolism is absolutely key for a healthy body and mind.  So, let’s chat about some essential oils to rev that baby up!

Side note:  I’ve mentioned appetite/hunger suppressant qualities of various oils below – and I just want to clarify that these should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet, not in place of meals, or as an excuse to ignore what our body’s asking for. The appetite suppressant mentions are more for people who are overeating, emotionally eating, or have a strong tendency to regularly give in to unhealthy food cravings.  It’s so incredibly important to feed our bodies a wide variety of nutrients every single day by eating regular, nutritious meals. Purposely skipping meals, or ignoring the bodies hunger pangs is not only damaging to our metabolism but our overall health and longevity. 


The ultimate when it comes to improving the bodies metabolic rate, grapefruit oil also boosts energy levels, improves digestion, breaks down fat cells, reduces cellulite, flushes toxins + excess water weight, curbs cravings (especially sugar cravings), and suppresses the appetite.


The digestive system loves peppermint oil – as it helps improve digestion, relieves bloating + gas, and boosts metabolism.  It’s also amazing for increasing energy levels and focus (great for amping up your exercise routine), and curbing hunger / cravings.


This guy stimulates so many important things in your bod, like digestive juices, insulin, and hormonal secretions – which in turn boosts metabolism, improves digestion, facilitates the proper absorption of nutrients, and supports healthy blood sugar levels. Bergamot oil is also packed with polyphenols (similar to green tea) which help your body properly utilize sugar and fat, plus bring mega detoxification properties to the table.


Fat and toxins run away screaming when they’re introduced to lemon oil, as it has powerful fat dissolving and detoxification qualities.  While it’s revving up your metabolism, it’s also busy boosting your energy levels, suppressing your appetite and improving your digestive health.


If you want to ensure you’ve properly metabolizing your food into energy instead of storing it as fat, you’re gonna want to reach for a bottle of this.  Cinnamon oil promotes healthy insulin sensitivity which stabilizes blood sugar levels and keeps that stubborn fat off your midsection. It’s also a great appetite and craving suppressant.


This spicy little number is your metabolism and digestive system’s BFF because it facilitates healthy digestion, nutrient absorption, toxin elimination, and decreases intestinal inflammation. It’ll also help you kiss your sugar cravings goodbye.


So there they are, the top 6 metabolism-boosting oils!  Now you’re ready to spring clean your bod.

As ush, I’m always here to help if you have questions, or need guidance on how to integrate these guys into your daily routine. Essential oils are totally unregulated in the US, which means they’re not required to be tested for purity or safety before being sold, so you’ve gotta be extra choosy when selecting them to keep those creepy toxins outta your wellness arsenal.  Drop me a line here with any Qs!



These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  The information contained on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. 


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