Mind / Body / Soul Series: Lavender Oil


Introducing the new Mind/Body/Soul Series, where we’ll take a little adventure through some of the most popular benefits, uses, and fun facts of some super-versatile essential oils.

It can be tricky to convey the depth of the holistic benefits of essential oils without writing a short novel on each one, so I created this series with the modern-day consumer in mind. I actually formatted it to work well within the Instagram Story format – so peeps could easily screenshot my graphics for future reference – so I’ve provided those below for you as well! And if we’re not connected over on Insta, you can find me at @karmicwellness – where I add even more depth to the education via videos.

When we’re setting out to resolve health concerns, we’ve been trained to take a reductionist approach, usually solely focusing on physical symptoms and finding quick fixes to mask them. But the truth is, our health is a mind/body/soul operation, and we need to look at ourselves through that lens to get to the root of our problems and ultimately find deep, long-lasting balance and peace in our lives.

As I’m sure you’ve heard many times before, we’re spiritual beings having a human experience – so we should treat ourselves as such!

And now that we’ve laid the foundation for the M/B/S series – let’s dive into our first oil (she’s a goodie) – Lavender.

Lavender’s insanely popular, and for good reason – she’s thought by many to be one of the most useful oils in existence, and because of that, she’s usually the first oil that aromatherapists learn about in school. She’s adaptogenic (i.e. helps you adapt to stress), harmonizing, soothing, and so. much. more. Let’s dive in!


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