Mind / Body / Soul Series: Peppermint

The Mind/Body/Soul Series is back and minty-fresh this week!

And, in case you’re new to the M/B/S Series – here’s a quick intro: When we’re setting out to resolve health concerns, we’ve been trained to take a reductionist approach, usually solely focusing on physical symptoms and finding quick fixes to mask them. But the truth is, our health is a mind/body/soul operation, and we need to look at ourselves through that lens to get to the root of our problems and ultimately find deep, long-lasting balance and peace in our lives. This series is aimed at diving deeper than symptoms to reveal how a selection of super-versatile essential oils can be our allies in holistic health.

Now, onto today’s oil: Peppermint!

When I teach workshops, one of my favorite things is watching what happens to people’s bodies when they take their first inhale from a bottle of Peppermint as it’s passed around. Their spine straightens, their heart opens, a twinkle of aliveness sparks in their eyes, and they have a general sense of expansiveness about them. It’s almost as if you can *see* their lungs and bloodstream being flooded (in a good way) with fresh, life-giving oxygen.

This initial experience gives us a pretty solid glimpse into Peppermint’s benefits. That’s one of the cool things about essential oils (and things found in nature, in general) – they give us clues about their therapeutic benefits in so many subtle and not-so-subtle ways – like the way you feel and what happens to your body when you take a whiff of them, what the plants actually look like when they grow in nature, the climates they best thrive in, etc.

Peppermint deserves a front-row spot in everyone’s essential oil collection. Now, let’s explore why!

If you’re new to the world of essential oils and want to learn more, have me put together some personalized recco’s, and/or start building your own collection (at a significant discount), feel free to fill out this form and we can find time to connect!



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