Oils + Acupoints: Litsea + CV-17

Anxiety – it’s one of the health concerns that almost every single one of my clients deals with in some form or another. Not only does it cloud the mind and make us feel detached from ourselves and the world around us – it also negatively affects every cell and system in our body (more on that here). If left unchecked, it can also rob our sense of joy, presence, creativity, personal power, and clarity – leaving us in a stuck, confused, heavy state.

Acupoint CV-17 and Litsea (aka May Chang) essential oil are a powerful team for counteracting the effects of anxiety and restoring the mind, body, and spirit to a state of balance. Let’s discuss what they’re all about and why they work so well together!

Litsea / May Chang:

  • Actions:
    • Moves stuck energy (physical, mental, and emotional) in whichever direction it needs to go, cuts through confusion, indecisiveness, and lack of focus, clarifies the energetic field, circulatory system, lymphatic system, digestive system, and nervous system, moves energy up and out of the body, soothes restlessness and frustration, clears excess heat, harmonizes emotions, bridges the gaps between mind/body and head/heart, strengthens boundaries of the heart, promotes personal empowerment and self-esteem, dissolves rigid thinking and creative blocks, promotes a sense of childlike wonder, joy, and playfulness, calms, frees, and arouses the Spirit
  • Chakra associations:
    • Heart, Solar Plexus, Third Eye

Conception Vessel 17:

  • Location:
    • Starting at the base of your breastbone/sternum measure 4 finger widths up to the center of your chest – rub your fingers around the area to find an indent – this will typically be between a man’s nipples, and may vary a bit for women (or, in TCM speak, on the middle of the sternum, in the depression level with the junction of the fourth intercostal space and the sternum)
  • Benefits:
    • Known as the “Sea of Tranquility”
    • Soothes stress, anxiety, and nerves
    • Calms the mind, body, and spirit
    • Supports deepening of breath
    • Stimulates the thymus gland and promotes proper immune system function
    • Supports emotional balance


  • Apply 1 drop of essential oil to the tip of your pointer finger and apply it to CV-17. Hold it lightly in place for at least 45 seconds (so the oil has time to absorb), close your eyes, and breathe deeply. Adding a visualization that relates to your current goals and the above benefits will add even more power to this process.




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