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I’ve found the key to happiness.

Bold statement, right?  I mean it.

It’s simplifying.  It’s getting to the root of what matters.  It’s figuring out what’s real (and what’s not).

It’s mindfulness.

Using it as a tool to detoxify every area of your life.

Living and breathing it so all of the unnecessary stuff just drops away, and the stuff that’s important is drawn to you like a magnet.

When you practice mindfulness consistently, you actually rewire your brain to default to positivity instead of negativity.  You do things out of love instead of fear.  You learn to surrender instead of push. You make gratitude an integral part of your life. You set meaningful intentions and take purposeful actions.

What are you trying to call into your life that always seems just out of reach?  What do you keep putting off and telling yourself, “I’ll start tomorrow.”?

What are the things that will make your life feel beautiful and whole in your eyes?

It can be anything – from a body that feels healthy and strong, to like-minded tribe of amazing people, to a mind that feels grounded and calm, to an incredible person to share your life with, to financial abundance, to more freedom in your everyday life, the list goes on.

Once you nail down the buckets, that’s where I come in.  I’ll help you dive deep, get specific on exactly what you want, and pinpoint the things that aren’t serving you.

Mental blocks. Resistance. Self-sabotaging patterns. Limiting beliefs. Expectations. We’ll weed through all of these sticky, frustrating obstacles, get to the core of them, and kiss them goodbye.

We’ll develop your mindfulness toolbox, and explore customized techniques that you can practice and carry with you at all times.

We’ll shift those old, toxic patterns of yours into new, healing ways of being.

You’ll learn to take notes from and move through the bad stuff, and marinate in the good stuff.

I’ll help you systematically simplify and detoxify your life, so all that’s left are the things that support your vibrant health and happiness. You’ll keep only the things that contribute to all-out joy, and replace the rest with with wide-open, luxurious s-p-a-c-e.

You’ll have the space to really listen to yourself, uncover the infinite wisdom that you already have inside of you (seriously), and see the world with clarity.

I’ll guide you in cultivating mindfulness practices around how you feed yourself (spiritually + physically), how you relate to others + the world around you, and how you move towards your goals.

You’ll feel aligned, connected, and limitless.  You’ll become a magnet for the experiences, people, and things that light up your life.

Every thought you have and every choice you make has a direct impact on your current reality.  There’s no reason to waste time playing through the same broken record that’s not moving you closer to the life you want.

Your future self will thank you for hopping on the mindfulness train now.  #doyourfutureselfafavor

Are you ready to detoxify you mind, body + spirit and start living a high-vibe, holistic life? Hell yeah! I’d absolutely love to be your guide. Let’s do this.

Initial Deep Dive:

  • Exploration of intentions, goals + life vision
  • Deep dive into limiting beliefs + behaviors
  • Custom-tailored action plan
Investment: $125 (60 min.)

Follow-Up Sessions:

  • Exploration of progress, blocks + experiences
  • Personalized coaching for your present situation
  • Custom-tailored action plan
Investment: $55 (30 min.) or $110 (60 min.)

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