The Collection | #2

Whipping up my own batch of these sugar-free keto dessert bites ASAP (probs with a few of my own tweaks, per ush) – give me ALLLL the good fats.

Loving how Dave Asprey’s busting all the ridiculous, fear-mongering health myths that are flying around these days – *cough* like in the insane documentary What the Health *cough* (again, give me ALLLL the good fats).

We bought the Baking Steel Skinny Griddle at the beginning of June and I legit don’t think we’ve used a single pan to cook with since.  It cooks EVERYTHING perfectly, doesn’t stick, and is the most versatile kitchen tool EVAHHH (plus, it’s made by one of our local friends, and supporting local small biz rocks).

Calling all 90’s kids – have you seen this insane mashup video by Todrick Hall yet?  He’s crazy talented, super entertaining, and breaks out some JAMS. #motownphillysbackagain

The bkr BIG is my most-favoritest (it’s a word) water bottle in the whole wide word. This baby holds 1 liter (it’s large and in charge) and encourages max hydration – refill it 3x per day and you’re fully H2O’ed up. I have a couple of the smaller bottles, too – but since I have one of those irrational fears of being somewhere and running out of water, the BIG is my go-to.

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