The Collection | #3

Do you love Sriracha (but hate the nasty ingredients in popular brands?) Do you love kimchi? Are you a fan of having a happy, healthy gut? YAS. YAS. YAS. Right? If so, you’ve gotta check out Wildbrine Kimchi Sriracha, it’s LEGIT. They have lots of other probiotic-rich, tasty things, too (and they stock it at Whole Foods).

Legit drooling over this hasselback butternut squash recipe – so easy and also SO pretty (plus, you’ve gotta love a recipe vid with a sense of humor). Finding a reason to make this for a group ASAP. Why haven’t I added hot peppers to my butternut before?!

Supporting conscious business is the sh*t. In this case, literally. Super psyched about Who Gives a Crap  – a socially responsible toilet paper co. that makes all of their products with planet-friendly materials (made from bamboo with no inks, dyes or scents), and donates 50% of profits to help build toilets for this in need (did you know that 2.4 billion people worldwide don’t have access to a toilet?). They also make paper towels and tissues, and you can save extra $ by signing up for a subscription so you never need to run to the store for nasty, toxic paper products again!

People are always asking where I find high-quality carrier and base oils to make my face and body oils. My fav is Mountain Rose Herbs. They have tons of organic options, and as a company they have loads of integrity. They’re all about supporting conscious, sustainable business practices – and that’s muy importante. Some of my favs: sea buckthorn, rosehip seed, jojoba, vitamin E, and hemp (and I get all my fractionated coconut oil from dōTERRA, because it’s the bomb).

I freakin’ love Lacy Philips’ work – she’s a badass manifesting queen, and she’s recently been releasing some mini online courses that pack a big punch. I’m currently working through “Unblocked: Reparenting Your Inner Child + Adolescent Self“, where Lacy guides you through what she calls “deep imaginings” and journal prompts to help rewrite and remove blocks in our subconscious that were formed in our developing years. Essentially, it’s all about reparenting our inner child and it’s super powerful. Note: this has nothing to do with having “good” or “bad” parents, it’s all about releasing false programming that we’ve picked up over the years that stands in the way of us calling in what we really want.

Have you watched Atypical on Netflix yet? If not, add it to the list. It’s a super heart-warming comedy that follows Sam, a teenager on the autism spectrum, who’s decided he is ready to start dating – following the ins and outs of his family and social life through the process. The concept and cast both rock, and it’s so well written. You won’t regret it.

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