The Collection | #4

Have you heard me blabbing on and on about what I like to call “smurf oil” yet? Well, it’s technically called Blue Tansy, it looks like ink, and turns you just a liiiitle bit blue for a while (best to use at night before bed), but it’s so freakin’ magical for skin health. Even Vogue thinks it’s the “new floral oil that will radically change your skin” – boo yah.

Interested in taming the wild animal that is your mind so you can have more peace in yo’ life? This Buddhist monk will teach you how to meditate anytime, anywhere in under 2 min. Monkey mind, be gone!

I posted this ah-mazing CBD-infused honey (from INDA Creations) on Instagram this week, and got so many DMs about it that I had to include it here so you can clicky clicky through to get the goodness. This jar of magic is made with SO much love (with locally-sourced honey, sage, and hemp from an organic farm in Vermont), and Caroline, INDA’s founder has all sorts of other magical creations on her site that you’re gonna love.

Want to get your paws on the most beautiful journal ever made? Grab a copy of Practice You by Elena Brower. It is absolutely stunning (like, so pretty that you’ll probably hesitate to write in it at first because you don’t want to mess it up), and is packed-to-the-brim with powerful questions that’ll help you deepen your connection with yourself.

I’m all about stocking my wellness arsenal with non-toxic, multitasking tools – and one of my favs happens to be activated charcoal. It’s amazing to keep on hand when you’re traveling or eating questionable food (it’s super detoxifying and helps digestion), plus I love to add it to a DIY face mask, and use it to naturally whiten my teeth.

Feeling bummed out by the idea of New Year’s resolutions? Me too, they’re the pits (and 80% of them fail by mid-February). That’s why I created an online course called Self-Care Essentials that’ll help you create incredible-feeling rituals for long-term health and happiness, instead of a painful, short-lived crash diet, detox, or exercise plan. It kicks off on January 14th – join us!

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