The Collection | #5

#5, comin’ in hottt….

A healthy way to vape? Sign me up. I first got my hands on one of these CBD pens a few months ago, and it’s been love ever since. With an ingredient list that reads: CBD oil, organic essential oil, and fractionated coconut oil, what’s not to love? I’ve also been using the drops in some of my self-care DIYs at home. Chill factor = 100 (and don’t worry, babes – CBD’s all health benefits + no psychoactive properties).

While some people will say Beyoncé is their queen, I’m gonna have to disagree and cast my vote for Nadine Artemis. Everything that she says, creates, and stands for makes my soul do a happy dance. She’s a gifted AF aromacologist, creator of my all-time fav skincare brand, Living Libations, and author of some badass books, including her newest (and a personal bible of mine), Renegade Beauty. Check out why she’s the raddest in these two episodes of The Life Stylist Podcast with Luke Storey – Episode 105 + Episode 106.

My fav denim brand, AGOLDE, collaborated with epic sustainable fashion retailer, Amour Vert, to create a line of what they’re calling the world’s most eco-friendly jeans. Their process majorly cuts down on water and energy usage, while also eliminating nasty chemical processing. Also, they’re made in the USA! Btw, jeans are notoriously hard to produce in a sustainable way, so this is no small feat. The planet (and your cute butt) will be thanking you.

Pearls! They’re not just for jewelry. You’re gonna want to get them alllll up in your insides, and on your skin, too. Don’t stress, you don’t have to swallow them whole – Sun Potion grinds them into a powder so they’re super bioavailable. Some of the benefits include: even, clear, glowing skin, boosting natural collagen production, strong bones, a balanced nervous system, and deep sleep. I’ve been adding pearl powder to my daily morning potion and the occasional face mask – and ohhh baby, it’s magic.

As someone who feels pretty “meh” about desert, I feel pretty “HELL YEAH” about these insanely simple, delish chocolate-covered tahini stuffed dates from the Minimalist Baker. You don’t feel like a pile of crapola after you eat them, and they taste SO freakin’ decadent that the people you serve them to won’t have any idea they’re made with real, whole foods. Win/win. Side note: I bypass the chocolate-making part and melt a few bars of organic dark choc on a double boiler instead.

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