The Collection | #7

Want the best Ayurvedic chai that your tastebuds have ever delighted in? Look no further than the Golden Girls Chai from Captain’s Daughters in Provincetown, MA. This is one of my absolute fav little tea/coffee/art/hidden treasure shops on the Cape, and they make the most insanely delicious loose leaf teas! I love to kick it up a notch by using half coconut milk, half water as the base, and add 1 drop of Turmeric essential oil at the end. It’s like Golden Milk heaven – plus, shopping small rocks. Oh! And you can grab my fav tea strainer/steeper to use with this blend right this way.

If you want to take your sleeping situation to the next level, you’ve gotta get your paws on linen bedding from Parachute. HOW had I lived so long without this?!  Not only do these babies keep you cool in the warm months and warm in the cool months, they’re also big on social responsibility – from ethically sourcing and producing their products, to donating all returns to Habitat for Humanity, to supporting animal shelters, to providing malaria-preventing bed nets to those in need. They tick all of the luxurious, comfy, conscious boxes.

I’m so into the idea behind the ReNew line from Everlane – made entirely from recycled plastic. Their goal is to have no new plastics in their supply chain by 2021, and to help make use of the plastic that’s already been produced by turning them into clothes (that actually look nice)! So awesome, and fingers crossed that more co’s follow their lead.

I have this minor obsession with Bon Appétit test kitchen videos. Maybe it’s because I’ve forever had a soft spot for cooking shows and documentaries, or maybe it’s because they’re always making something delish and their staff is super fun, but they suck me in every. single. time. You can watch ’em on on their Facebook page or website whenever you’re in need of some yummy food, cooking tricks, and LOLs.

To my fellow essential oil lovers, may I introduce you to my new favorite app, My Essential Life. It’s the mobile app version of an incredible reference book, and it’s SO beautiful, portable, and easy to navigate, to boot. You can look up any health concern, oil, body system, and so much more – and there’s mountains of incredible recommendations and education to be found. It’s like having your most-trusted essential oil expert in your pocket. #lifegoals

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