Three Things

Happy freakin’ March!

Do you have big plans this month?  If so, tell me about ’em in the comments below.

I’m kicking it off soaking up some tropical rays (vitamin D, for the win!) and checking lots of things off my miles-long reading list.

While I’m wearing out the battery on my Kindle, I’ve got some awesome treats for you to peruse – Three Things is back in the house, peeps!

1. Committing these skin-care and lifestyle rituals from natural beauty alchemist, Desiree Pais, to memory.  As someone who’s been experiencing hormonal acne for close to a year (as a result of ditching The Pill), I feel like she totally gets what I’ve been dealing with. Did I just find my skin spirit animal? Quite possibly.

2. Feeling even more psyched about using toxin-free deodorant after reading about the link between our armpits and our gut health.  Time to ditch those aluminum-laden antiperspirants, friendos – for the love of your microbiome!

3. Drooling over this super-simple, super-nourishing latte recipe featuring two of my favorite anti-inflammatory super-roots, ginger and turmeric.  I’ll probably skip the coconut sugar, as I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but it sounds like a one-way ticket to Yum City either way.

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