Three Things

HOT DAMN, gorgeous!

The weather here is summery and beautiful, and is going to stay that way for the rest of the long weekend.  This is going to make for some incredible Memorial Day fiestas, my friends.  I hope it’s equally as incredible wherever you are – I’m sending you lots of sun beams and warm-weather vibes.

I figured I’d provide some light reading to make your travels (or staycation) a bit more fun with this installment of Three Things.  Oooh, I can taste that hot sauce already! 👇🏽

Loving this guide for meditation newbies who aren’t sure where to start – try these 5 meditation styles of beginners on for size and take note of which styles resonate.  Namaste, babes!

Feeling overwhelmed with gratitude for the work dōTERRA (the essential oil company I work with) does in the world while reading this Forbes article on how they reinvented their supply chain to have an impact on global poverty.

Lining up my mason jars and running out the door to Whole Foods so I can get this fermented chili hot sauce recipe brewin’ ASAP.  Let’s see if I can actually wait the full 5-7 days before eating. #savemefrommyself

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