Three Things

Man, there’s a lot of heartache and pain in our country right now. It’s been hard for me to find words that do justice to the hugeness of the issues at hand, but reading through the first link below sums it up from a deeper level than I ever could.

All of the unimaginable tragedies and injustices in the world are rooted in the same place – people stepping out of the only thing that’s truly real, LOVE – and into a place of fear, a place where they identify with their ego.

The ego views everyone as separate instead of inseparably linked. It refuses to recognize the same spark of light that’s within us all. It puts up walls between us as an outdated survival instinct, and so many people listen to every thought it produces without questioning how absolutely insane it sounds.

No one should be forced to live in fear because other people’s egos have been allowed, even encouraged, to run rampant.  We need more compassion, love, and consciousness in every moment – and every single one of us can make a difference by mindfully infusing those qualities into everything we do, and unconditionally supporting those who need our help.

Beaming so much LOVE to you. ❤

And now, on a bit of a lighter note, onto this week’s installment of Three Things.

Feeling a glimmer of hope for the world after reading a buddhist cop’s approach to justice.  His six questions towards the end are things every single person should ask themselves if we’re truly committed to working towards a more compassionate, awake culture.

Shouting “PREACH!” in my office by myself (read: like a crazy person) while reading this piece outlining how fragrance is the new second hand smoke – and feeling so psyched that I’ve ditched all of my old synthetic fragrance-filled nasties for non-toxic alternatives.

Getting a kick out of how accurate this Japanese psychology test actually was when I tested it out on myself – super trippy.

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